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From Bug Juice to Bird Poop

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Nutshell News (what is now Dollhouse Miniatures)


First Series

09/81 Dry rot & peeling paint
11/81 Mold and Mildew
01/82 Aging brick & plaster
03/82 Slope, slant & sag
05/82 Glass cutting & etching
08/82 Floors & Attics

Creative Notebook

10/88 Aging exterior wood, tin
12/88 Style, tools & knotholes
02/89 Aging with paint
04/89 Shingled roofs
07/89 More on roofing
08/89 Landscaping & bricks
10/89 Custom doors
12/89 Odds & Ends
The Greene & Greene house
05/90 Beaded wood interiors
07/90 Bathrooms, appliances
09/90 Inspiration, furnaces, pie coolers, closets, wallpaper
11/90 Period kitchens
01/91 Stoves
05/91 Garden Shed exterior, weathering, glass cutting, windows, sagging roofs
07/91 Summer House exterior, screen doors, aging shingles
09/91 Maine Idyll, junk collecting for shower stall
10/91 Frosty Malt Shop, appliances and interiors
11/91 Maine Idyll, design details, brick fireplace, window shades, spatter painted floor
01/92 Summer House interior, floors, pickled walls, doors
04/92 Pippen Hill, rock wall, terrain, wattle & daub, research, brick detailing, aging washes on plaster
05/92 Pippen Hill, old glass, bow window, cobblestones, streetside details
07/92 Airplane Cafe exterior, sign painting, canvas roof, airplane details
09/92 Airplane Cafe interior, walls, wainscot, linoleum
11/92 Review: unpainted weathered exteriors, materials, shingles, chevrons, graying, wood washes, moss, reflected light
01/93 European Toy Shop: display base & basement, dirt & terrain, stucco, aging
08/93 European Toy Shop: stone chimney, ext. walls, bay windows, leaded glass
12/93 The Oysterville Victorian house, repairs, drop siding, decorative shingles, wallpaper, wainscot
07/94 Beach Cottage rehab: kit re-modeling
11/94 Stained glass techniques
03/95 European Toy Shop (Faces of the Moon) wave-coursed roof
07/95 Toymaker?s shop interior: aged wood, plank flooring, graining, rustic furniture
10/95 Faces of the Moon exterior: painting scenes on stucco, eclectic details, influence/inspiration
01/96 A Taste of Greene & Greene: small bungalow class project, color washes, cement, landscaping, composition roof, scarf joints, staining int. woodwork, wallpaper friez
04/96 Miscellany: dirty water washes, Bug Juice, Aged wallpaper, Fimo bricks
07/96 Noel's miniature watercolors
10/96 Italian Ruin, ext. brick, cement & plaster, sidewalk, ancient door, rubble
01/97 The Breeze~Tin Roof: made from metal sheeting, aged with acrylic washes
04/97 The Breeze~Fabric Awnings from window shades, wooden frame, aging
08/97 Shingles~How to apply and age
10/97 The Breeze~Deep fat fryer
01/98 The Breeze ~Utility sink (Final article)

Miniature Collector

04/98 Floors
08/99 Doors Part I
10/99 Doors Part II