Aero II Travel Trailer

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aero II
The Aero II miniature is designed after post-WWII, 12 ft. aluminum travel trailers, built to provide shelter and cooking facilities for family vacations and weekend outings. Starting with the 1930's automobile craze, car designers, and later airplane manufacturers, soon turned their talents to small, streamlined housing units that could be hitched to the auto's back bumper. Families went on the road to tour the country, trailer camps popped up like mushrooms, and a group calling themselves the Tin Can Tourists began having rallies, à la today's Good Sam Clubs. Our miniature version is adapted from several 1947 designs. It features an aluminum skin over plywood, windows, a round-topped door, and fat little tires. The interior is fully finished with an eating nook, kitchen, and sleeping area. A section of the top removes for interior access.

$10,000 plus shipping

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